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Written by patricia luna   
Wednesday, 15 July 2009 13:56

you might want to know how I look...

however this images is not going to give you a clue...

its a patricia luna that's not me.


My name is Patricia Luna and I am a graphic artist that works on illustration and motion graphics.  To define myself seems easy but it has been a long process. I've  spent time studying anthropology, area that has lead me to question everything...which is a good thing, if you think about it... Since I was a baby, decision taking was a difficult thing, I always blame my parents for that.  Its a good excuse. Now at last (and for the time being) I know that this is what I am, only because once a person asked me, "so what are yo exactly... a graphic artist?" the easiest answer was "yes, that's what I am". I like to draw on little brown books based on films,  newspapers and friend portraits. I also like to animate but I still have to learn  well the technique, the magic.  meanwhile I do what I can with the resources I have having a retro-not fluid look.  I like film so sometimes I work in filmfestivals and I also like writing so sometimes  I draw and write. I also like kiwis, chocolate, john fante, george perec and tropical weather. I bought myself a pair of  four wheel rollerskates but there they are, waiting to be weared.

Ok, and for the  biographical aspects, lets remain synthetic.  I was born in Russia in 1977 , raised in Colombia and currently, I'm living in Barcelona. I've studied and continue studying fine arts, anthtopology and motion graphics. I've had some group exhibitions and won two local awards. My work experience is  diversified, meaning, I've made some webpages, some illustrations, some filmfestivals, some translations, some digitalizations, some some some.... a series of somes that someday I'll collect in an illustrated archive. If  you wish to have specific data on me, please send me an email. I'll be glad to send you my resume.

If you get here, it means you read this nonsense till the end so thank you! : )

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